Friday, May 11, 2001

Find A Grave Search Results
strangely enough,findagrave most popular search request has this bloke at number one:

Walters, Larry "Lawn Chair Pilot" b. April 19, 1949. d. October 6, 1993.

Tied 45 weather ballons to a lawn chair and went for a ride with his beer and his pellet gun. Unfortunately, he ended up at Los Angeles International Airport and had to be rescued by helicopter. He was arrested for violating LAX airspace. Why did he do it? "A man can't just sit around." Forest Lawn (Hollywood Hills), Los Angeles, California, USA.Specific Interment Location: Columbarium of Valor. GPS coordinates: 34.14924, -118.32017 (hddd.dddd)
Cause of Death: Suicide. He shot himself in the heart.

Thursday, May 10, 2001

The Automatic E/N Web Site

this site is an 'automatic' weblog. Its pretty cleva, it that it harvests snippets from all sorts of different sites on the net and comes up with what appears to be a genuine weblog. each link is random, the contact info is random. Pretty good way of taking the piss out of the boring blog standard weblogs. Sadly they don't include a 'what am I listening/reading/feeling/eating' type list, which has always bothered me no end. I guess people get some form of inspiration reading others tastes in books, music and whathaveyou.


I have an office secret to reveal. Theres this publishing firm across the road from work. Sometimes during my morning ciggy I get to see a bloke zipping around on forklift. (the ones that make the COOL electric whirring noises). My secret is that sometimes I fantasize about offering the bloke the fiver if he lets have a whirl on the forklift. I like that forklift. Its my kind of thang.
(special note to forklift enthusiasts: I'm not that keen on them. Please don't send me links. Please?)

"The Terrible Secret of Space" |

Really excellent flash music anim. chuckle-tastic mates. (flash required. brain required. sense of humour mandatory. free time to download and view movie mandatory. Clothing optional. Sense of style & good taste preferred. Internet connection and fully functioning browser recommended. Not available in your area. 470878765% state tax applies. Offer not valid at all. Turn back before its too late. Time for a coffee and ciggy.

First BBQ of the year last night! Was hosted by the ever-mung crunching Dr Dipper & Co. As usual the men did the manly duties of collecting wood & fuels. As usual the men did try and boss the bbq, but as soon as we came close to commiting manslaughter via food poisoning the woman took over. Much fun was had even though the weather wasn't as nice as we hoped for. I was kinda wishing that there would have been a knock on the door from Political party canvassers (they taste great with Olive oil) but they don't seem to have penetrated that far into Jericho yet.
Looking forward to many more BBQs throughout the summer.

Tuesday, May 08, 2001

Good Vibrations - National Masturbation Month

The things you find whilst deleting emails.

Monday, May 07, 2001

big scare with the pc yesterday. I guess it likes to keep me on my toes. I was surfing away happily when all of a sudden a box pops up saying 'failed to write to drive C:'
Windoze promptly crashed and on reboot I appeared to missing a harddrive. Yup, even the motherboard failed to recognise it. I was in a philisophical mood and managed to not utter a single cuss word. Several attempts produced nothing, so I stripped down the PC all ready for a new hdd. But, luck of the Irish strikes and it was all going again this morning. Prolly just a dodgy cable or summit. fingers crossed and on I went, quickly trying to backup as much as stuff as possible in case te drive really did pack up and leave for the Bahamas. My cd-writer was never reliable from day one, so I cant say I was surprised when I'd failed to burn a cd after an hour of trying. Then windows decides 'fuck you' and promptly forgets that I have an internal drive! jeezuz. what an utter pisstake. I tried booting up with super-stable win2k but it was also failing to detect the CD. Ok, ok ok ok you win. I gave up, ran a virus checker etc but no luck. Finally I pulled out the USB cable to my cd-writer and that solved the problem.
Anywayz, woo the bank holiday weekend!!!! yeap, ain't nuttin better than waking up sleepy on Monday morning and promptly farting before turning over to get the sleep YOU deserve.
We made some dandelion wine over the weekend. Bloody easy it was too. Heh, it was slightly embarrassing pinching the neighbours flowers though.