Saturday, May 26, 2001

Nice tits

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

chris raettig - personal website
Chris makes ome damn good points about the nature of the evil beast we call television.

Monday, May 21, 2001

7.05pm Monday. Brit survivor started tonight. first thoughts of the contestants....

Marooned 40 days and 40 nights. thats approximately 80 shits in the jungle each. (assuming contestants affected by the soft-pooh syndrome)

Day 1. Marooned. Island. Sea. Boats. gear. a host with permanently bad hair. an axe. a machete.
Challenge 1. rafts and fire-starting. what a combo. Ular thought they had won but they were disqualified for not lighting all required torches. Poor bubba's were gutted.

Nick gets voted off the Island. One of the reasons given was "He doesn't say 'please', He doesn't say 'thank you'". I'm glad those kind folk play no part in my life.

Helang (Eagle)yellow team.

Charlotte - former beauty queen. (miss cardiff. laff). now a DC, detective constable. seems pretty sensible. doesn't take shit. don't like her eyebrows. luxury item = game of twister. (screw trademarks).

James. 40. Londoner. property developer. doesn't like insects.

Uzma. 30. Bradford. nasal hair

Andy. 31. Long-haul pilot and former RAF. pretty tough dude, former survival expert. wants to for, early alliances.

Adrian. 22. Barristers Clerk. in it for the money. doesn't like snakes, rats or jelly fish. will buy a car if wins.

Jayne. 47. massage therapist & alterntative therapy chick. rather spiritual Probably get her butt kicked. Her group is already starting to dislike her. Seems a bit headstrong.

Simon. 31. Financial Sales manager and former pro footie. competitive. thinks he will piss people off

J.J. 37. P.A. ran military prison in Falklands. can be bossy. we'll see. impatient.


Ular (snake) blue group.

Sarah. 33. Model (looks like a horse). big teeth

Mick. 55. retired copper. bald and wears a stupid bandana. (hmm. I've never seen a bandana I didn't think was stupid though)

Eve. 30. served in Bosnia. bomb disposal officer. Now a Project Manager. seems a bit nice.

Pete. 30. He's single and a model. christian. wanker.

Zoe. 30ish. bar worker. studied drama and shit. never killed her own food before.

Richard. 33. cardiff. research fellow. shrink, but afraid to admit it. not interested in the money. (bollocks)

Nick. 33. spent 10yrs in Navy. now does survival team building shit. drugs company manager? boggle. looks like a dork but isn't. will try and blend in. luxury item - razor.

Jackie. 31 Airline buyer. boring. will miss cleanliness. no shit sherlock.


Seems we upset this punter...

I considered you a close friend and XXXXXX like my second home, but now, you have upset both me and my family and my cousins and my friends and my neighbours. I shall be printing this email out and distrubuting to all web sites and the press.

I shall no longet set one foot in your shops ever again, I shall now be shopping at Woolworths, having spent over 56 pounds on DVDs I believe woolworths will value my custom more then you and your customer services deperment will.

Your long time friend and unhappy customer