Friday, June 01, 2001

Goddam thats cute!
link leeched from my 2p
2.5 hrs until weekend and I'm asking colleagues if they have a bottle opener on them. The bottle'o'red from tesco is looking a little bit too inviting.
What a week. Nadia left yesterday. Wayne handed in his notice yesterday. Pete will hand his in on Monday.

Our company has cancer.

Somebody set us up the charity.

Thursday, May 31, 2001

Blogjam is run by a Kiwi living in London working for an e-commerce company. Whereas I'm a Kiwi living in Oxford working for a clicks&mortar company. But none of this is to be mentioned should Interpol get in touch with you. :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Apologies to Lizmans, we finally got a look at the flat and all going well will sign on the dotted line tomorrow. Whoop! Yeap, we're pretty darn chuffed with ourselves. A saving of 305 quid on our current rent. Give it two years of living in the most smallest flat in the British Empire and we've got ourselves a pretty decent sized deposit.
The only downside is the space, or lack of it. We looked at two ground flat studio flats. The first had a single bed and we laughed at the estate agent when she told us it was possible to fit a double in the room. I honestly wouldve staked a tenner on that and lost. We went to the next flat and saw what the trick was, the guy had put a sliding door in the bedroom just so he could his bed in! There'll be no hiding from my farts anymore. Muahahaha.
We are going to be enforced minimalists. Junk junk junk. Its pretty impossible to avoid 'stuff' after getting married so we'll definately we storing some assorted crap at Rachels Mums. (why oh why can't we just upload it to my website?) I've just enjoyed throwing out 3 bin bags of mostly computer-related junk, along with the most horrid uniform I ever had to wear, my Cotswold Lodge Porters kit. glad to see the last of that hideous creation.
So, all in all, twas a good day :)
Snack machine update. Doritos Tangy Cheese flavour has been added. (Horrah). However, they are 10 of your english pence more expensive than the inferior Walkers Crisps. I for one am willing to pay this outrageous price (37p, or a whopping increase of 10p on the standard size, making this a 27% increase.) for the benefit of improved taste and texture. But I fear that staff may soon be in revolt. If you don't hear from me before 5pm today please call the Cops.
"do you know a Noone in editorial?" asks Nadia.
"Nope, don't know anyone called that" replies Robbie.... "Why do you ask?"
"Well, I asked Dave if he knew who was looking after Gareths stuff while he was on holiday, and he replied saying that Noone was looking after it"

Yup, true story. just happened. If you fail to see the comedy in this then click here until you can't click no more.

Estate agents. Love or hate em, I personally think they a bunch of useless eejits that society has little choice but to shrug and accept for what little good they do provide. Yesterday we booked for a viewing of two apartments with Lizmans Courts. The properties were the cheapest we've ever seen in Oxford, one for £420 and another at £460. We're currently paying £725 for a 2 b/r house so obviously the savings would come in more than useful. These properties were only advertised for the first time on friday and we booked a late afternoon slot for viewing yesterday. Nevermind the fact that we wer already on Lizmans waiting list and that they had failed to tell us of these properties, what bothers us is that both were 'sold' before our viewing and we weren't even called to let us know. Rach called just before we left for the viewing and we were then made aware both were gone. 'No problem we thought, can we just see what they were like anyway? 'Sure, no problem' said Lizmans. They failed to turn up at all.
'Oh, been a bit of a mixup' said Lizmans when we called. They then had the cheek to say 'But both are already signed up anyway'. Makes you wonder what they do to earn their 15% of the rent.

Special thanks to Bernice, Tamland and Richard who took pity on us and took us out for a beer after the estates agent mess.
estates agents are evil

Sunday, May 27, 2001 enter your postcode and this clever site will throw out the cheapest petrol stations in your area. I think they should do one for cyclists - enter postcode and it spits out a map of emergency clinics. be esp. useful for Oxfordites.