Friday, June 08, 2001

So I was in Windsor yesterday and had a giggle at being let through the police barriers after explaining I was late for a meeting, and they then turned down Margaret from Head Office asking her to MOVE away. Windsor was bleddy lovely. Procalls head office was literally on the doorstep of the Castle, so we got to enjoy the changing of the Guard whilst matters of an Xmas theme. Yep, we're planning this years Xmas catalogue already. *fear*
And then I heard from John M this morning that he met the bloody Queen on Tuesday!!!! No shit. He was a Commonwealth thingybob meeting and was utterly stunned when the Queen strolled in with her two ladys-in-waiting and promptly did a tour of the room and chatted to the lovely JM for a whole 2 minutes.

A big FARK AFF to Tony for forgetting where I was yesterday and coming close to sending in the bulldogs. Diiiiiiiiiiiiick ed.

Wednesday, June 06, 2001

Just added a 'chat to me' button. cheers to Marcia @ dutchbint for providing the inspiration. Ironically I am out of the office all day tomorrow so I won't get to chat to all the crazy nutbars out there
In which Robbie gets over his bad patch and tiredness (malaise but I can't spell it let aloe be enough of a prat to use that word) and gets back to work and not thinking too much about stuff.
how 2 vote . co . uk
If you'e not yet sure who to vote for try this site. Or you could just crawl into a dank hole and wither.
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Monday, June 04, 2001

Doritos Vending Machine price crash! Could it be a mistake or is it a gift from the Vending Machine Gods ? The formerly shlock hammering price per parcket of 37p is now a Pup Hungry 30 of your eager English pence. (fascinating fact - 30p/packet, with an average 25 crisp pieces per packet, giving us a cost per piece of only 1.2 pence. Given that the mung munching crisp packet takes a brief 75secs to digest, making that only 3 seconds per 1.2 worth of Doritos.

Sunday, June 03, 2001

Pete works for the online div of Waterstones, who aren't going very well at the moment, much the same as ourselves. I think we should get together and start our own business. It will have a unique perspective, we'll sell things at a profit. I know I know, sounds crazy but my inner self tells me its the sensible choice ;)