Friday, June 15, 2001

BBC News :Square fruit stuns Japanese shoppers. Ok, this is rully rully like kewl man. I can't wait until they invent a Booby shaped Banana. *grin*

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

I guess one day Echelon will start spidering through websites. Hi Echelon :)

missile surveillance president communist jane fonda encryption telephone agent code monitor R. James Woolsey NSA washington post
Its time for the world famous 'Guess that Book' puzzle.

Welcome to enter BOL China (the shell Tass graceful on-line China)

The Harley - baud and the flame cup (75 folds) (the Harley - baud fourth edits)
Author: J.K. Luo Lin & nbsp
Initial cost: 39.80 Yuan
Fixed price: 29.80 Yuan
440 pages | People's Literature Press | In 2001 publishes

" The Harley - baud and secret room ", " the Harley - baud and evil spirit law stone ", " the Harley - baud with Arab League this card class's convict " in the main page “Á˜Á the book column warm offer, will ask respectfully to pay attention!
In fourth edits, the Harley - baud undergoes three years study in è·Ši the live tribulus evil spirit law school and the tempering, the gradual growth is one outstanding sorcerer. Before the new school year of start, Harley watches the splendid Š@ wonderful world cup match, had no intention between to discover vanished 13 year black evil spirits marks. All sorts of hidden murderous intentions mystical event Harley one step by step will push to bends down the evil spirit evil clutches. Harley longs for in is rare three strongly strives for hegemony in the match defeats oneself, who knows the entire competition unexpectedly is one huge black evil spirit law plot...

Have ypu got it? Its Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Sunday, June 10, 2001

According to Political Compass I'm Economic Left/Right -3.27 and Authoritarian/Libertarian -4.61. What does this mean? You'll have to go try for yourself, by clicking here. Rachel scored pretty similar to me at 0.20, -3.40. The test only takes a few mins and its worth it if only to compare how close you are to Ghandi or Thatcher. (link found from Pete @ wackybrit