Friday, July 13, 2001

2 atoms were sitting in the pub. one was looking glum, so his mate asked 'wassup mate?'.
t'other replied, 'aw its nuttin - just feeling a bit down. I think I've lost an electron'.
other replied 'aw geez mate, are you sure ?'
'yeah, I'm positive.'
Blueruin apologizes for not updating. I wonder why people (blooger people that is) do that so often. Why feel guilty for this? Its your blog and you'll not update if ye want to. I ain't been blogging much lately, we still don't have a bloody phone at the new flat yet (cusses at NTL and their utter bullshit excuses), I've been swamped at work dealing with fraud attempts by utter mung-nuts, and actually am enjoying my ickle blog holiday. If I got over 12 visitors per day I might start to feel a tiny bit guilty but heck I don't blog for you, I blog for us both.
anywayz, tgif 13th.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001